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Worn Out Hinges on a Ford Crown Victoria & Lincoln Town Car

FDHK02 Kit & TAI-008 Pin Removal Tool

A common issue with the Ford Crown Victoria & Lincoln Town Car has been a heavy door, which causes the door pins and bushings to wear out (sagging door).

The solution to the worn out pins & bushings is the Total Automotive Hinge Kit FDHK02. The FDHK02 Kit consists of Stainless Steel Pins, Commercial Grade Bronze Bushings, and Lock Nuts. In addition to the kit Total Automotive offers a Pin Removal Tool (PRT) to make the job easier. The PRT will press out the factory pins without damaging the factory hinges. Plus you can flip the PRT upside down and press the new pins in safely into the hinges.

FDHK02 Kit & TAI-008 Pin Removal Tool are Made in the USA

1982-2009 Ford Crown Victoria
1982-2009 Lincoln Town Car
1982-2009 Mercury Grand Marquis
(i.e. Police Interceptor, Taxi Cab, Limo, LTD, Touring Sedan, LX, LX Sport, LX Premium Sport, Ford Fleet, Rental Fleet LS, Commercial Fleet)
Kit works for many other applications

FDHK02 Kit

Required Tool: TAI-008 Pin Removal Tool

If you have any questions about our Door Hinge Repair Kits for the 1982-2009 Ford Crown Vic, Lincoln Town Car, or Mercury Grand Marquis or would like to fix your sagging door contact a Total Automotive Sales Representative.

Total Automotive offers a door pin & bushings kit that you can do in about 20-30 minutes.

The other option is to replace the complete hinges.
If you replace the complete hinges on your Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, or Town Car you are looking at hours of fun. To replace the factory hinges you have to remove the dash and door panels. Without removing the dash & door panels you will not have access to the bolts/nuts to remove and install the new hinges. Plus you might have to deal with broken clips/fasteners and may even a dash rattle when completed.

How Much is your Time & Money Worth to you ?

Here is a testimonial from our customers on regards to our Ford Crown Vic, Lincoln Town Car, & Mercury Grand Marquis Hinge Repair Kits and Pin Removal Tool.

The Ford / Lincoln kits, unbelievable. NO MORE DASH REMOVALS!! The tool is a must. Great Products T/A. We went thru 1st. order with great success and reordering as I write. Thanks T/A Doug

We have just used our first hinge kit “FDHK02” here recently and as a Body Shop Manager, I was extemly pleased. There is nothing worse than having to take apart a dashboard to replace the body side of a hinge. The tech involved in the rebuild was extremly pleased with the ease and quickness of using the kit. We will definitly be using more of these in the future. Angeles Collision Repair

You can place the Hingekit request here: https://www.totalauto.com/products/hingekits