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Supporting Door During Repair

How do I support my door when repairing the door hinges?

There are many options to supporting your door when you are repairing the door hinges.

1. Engine Cherry Picker & a Strap
Note: To see an example of this technique watch the Truck-U TV Show segment on the Total Automotive Deluxe Hinge Kits for the 99-07 C/K Truck/SUVs.

2. Door Stand
Note: Place a door stand under the door and lift the door as needed.

3. Floor Jack & Door Stand Adapter
Note: Use the floor jack and place the door stand adapter onto the jack. Carefully remove the door to do repair.

4. Overhead Rafters & a Rope
Note: Take a rope and tie it to a sturdy rafter. Lower the window and tie the other end of the rope to the window frame. Carefully remove the door.

5. Floor Jack, a Friend, & a Wood board
Note: You will use the floor jack with a wood board on top to remove the door carefully. Have your friend stabilize the door until the door is ready to be installed.

Using any of these techniques will allow you to do the repair without having to disconnect any wiring harnesses.