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Research & Development

Total Automotive is always looking for new hinge products to develop. If you can’t find a repair for your specific application send us your hinge(s). If your vehicle application meets our needs we’ll rebuild and ship your hinges back to you in exchange for retaining the information we receive from your hinge to develop and release a hinge rebuild kit for that application.

If you are interested or have questions please feel free to contact one of out hinge kits specialists and ask about our New Hinge Kit Development program.
Or you can email us at [email protected], subject “Attn: Hinge R&D”.

One of our customers sent in a sent of 1968 Ford Galaxy XL to rebuild. We rebuilt & shipped them back with new pins and commercial grade bronze bushings.

We are currently rebuilding a set of hinges 1978 Toyota Pick Up. The hinges need new pins and bushings.

The hinges disassembled and ready to get the specs.

The factory 1978 Toyota Pick-Up front door hinge rebuild is complete for our customer.

Toyota Truck Hinges are rebuild with Total Automotives Stainless Steel Pins, Lock Nuts, and Commercial Grade Bronze.
Made in USA