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Preventative Maintenance 96-09 GM Vans

f you have a Chevy Express or GMC Savana Van the side cargo doors are notorious for seizing. This problem is not “IF” it happens, It’s “WHEN” it happens. How this happens is rust builds up inside the hinge which leads it to seizing. Note if you try to pull on a seized hinge it could lead to breaking the hinge. If you break the hinge it can get very costly.

HOW TO PREVENT ISSUE: Total Automotive offers you a Greaseable Pin Kit (GMHK08). This kit consists of stainlesss steel greasable pins. That way you can always keep the hinges lubricated to prevent a seized or broken hinge.

1996-2009 Chevrolet Express Van
1996-2009 GMC Savana Van
(i.e. Full Size Van, LT, E85 Flex Fuel, Passenger Van, Cargo Van, Shuttle Bus, Conversion Van, Work Van, Utility Van, School Bus, Fleet Vehicle, Fleet Van, Police, & Ambulance)


Contact a Total Automotive Representative if you have any questions or need a Side Cargo Door Hinge Repair Kit for you 96-09 Chevy Express or GMC Savana Vans.

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Here are some images of a Broken Chevy Express Van Side Cargo Door Hinge. This is why you should replace the pins with the Total Automotive Greaseable Pin Kit (GMHK08) to save you MONEY & your hinges.

Note: If your hinges are seized up. Do not try to pull the door open or this might happen to you.

If you have any questions or need a greaseable side cargo door pins kit call Total Automotive

Testimonial on Greaseable Door Hinge Repair Kit.

I ordered the New Greaseable Pin Kit for GM Cargo Van Doors. I cannot say enough to express my total satisfaction with this product. The procedure was relatively simple, and the results phenomenal. I just told my customer to have the pins greased every time he goes to Jiffy Lube. This sure seems to be a low cost cure compared to the price of a four hinge replacement bill. I have done the hinge replacement in the past, only to have those pins freeze as well. Thanks for another great product Total Automotive!!!!! -Dennis, Reppucci Auto