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How OEM Parts Help Combat Diminished Value Claims

How OEM Parts Help Combat Diminished Value Claims

What is a Diminished Value Claim?

A diminished value claim will cause a drain on your business. This is when a car loses value after a collision or repair and the owner files a lawsuit in an attempt to compensate for the damages. Within the collision repair industry, it’s often related to poor repair work but the quality of parts used will impact the longevity of the fix. This is just one area where OEM replacement parts can save you. They improve the quality of the end result. This gives a better name to your business and saves you money in the long run. 

How Claims Hurt your Shop  

Diminished value claims hurt repair shops because the owner of the vehicle has the ability to make a claim against the business if they can prove a decrease in value as a direct result of the repair work. This is most commonly seen in collision repairs, when the shop does not fully restore the vehicle to its previous condition. Auto shops are putting themselves at risk when they: 

  • Use low quality or off-brand parts to complete repairs 
  • Perform poor quality repair work, such as rushing the repair or not putting the parts in correctly 
  • The end result of the repair looks obviously different than the car’s finish when it was purchased 

Insurance companies can determine the extent of damage and if it has been proven that the repairs diminished the vehicle’s value, your shop can be found at fault and expected to compensate for those damages. This causes issues in more ways than one. Not only does the lawsuit create a financial burden but your repair shop will also gain a negative reputation. 


Why OEM Parts?

OEM parts offer the highest quality on the market, which means that the chance of a repair causing damage to the vehicle is significantly lower. Additionally, OEM parts are made by the manufacturer of the vehicle so that they won’t create an obvious difference between the before-and-after. OEM parts are made to suit the vehicle, containing materials that withstand the elements and don’t interfere with the vehicle’s performance. 

Here at Total Auto, we specialize in OEM parts of all kinds, offering a wide selection that work perfectly for repair shops. You won’t have to worry about purchasing off brand parts when you order with us. Visit our website today and browse our selection!