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F-Series Truck Hinge Rebuild Kits

Ford F-Series Trucks can have a problem with a sagging door. Total Automotive offers a FDHK05 hinge kit for your Ford Truck that will solve the problem. The kit consists of Stainless Steel Pins, Commercial Grade Bronze Bushings, and Lock Nuts. In addition to the hinge kit we recommend using our Pin Removal Tool (TAI-008) which will safely press out the factory pins. Once you remove the factory pins & bushings, you can then install the bushings. You can now take the PRT (TAI-008) tool and press the new pins back into the hinges.

1980-1998 Ford F-150
1980-1999 Ford F-250
1980-1998 Ford F-350
1997-1998 Ford F-150 (Old Body Style)
1993-1994 Ford F-150 SVT Lightning
1988-1998 Ford F-450
1988-1998 Ford F-550
1988-1998 Ford F-650
1988-1998 Ford F-750
1988-1998 Ford F-800
(i.e. Super Duty, Limited, Medium Duty F-Series, Crew Cab, Dually, Super Cab, SVT Lightning, Extended Cab, Off Road, 4X4, Fleet Truck, Work Truck)

Contact a Total Automotive Representative if you have any questions or need a hinge repair kit for your 80-98 Ford F-Series Truck.