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4th Generation-Chevy Camaro/ Pontiac Firebird Sagging Door

If you have a 4th Generation – Chevy Camaro or Pontiac Firebird with a sagging door issues. Total Automotive has a solution for you. We offer you the GMHK16 kit with comes with 4 Stainless Steal Pins, 4 Commercial Grade Bronze Bushings, and 4 Lock Nuts. One kit will repair one door (upper & lower hinge).

Another common issue with the 4th Generation- Camaros & Firebirds is the roller pin & door spring wear out. The GMRP05 will repair your worn out Roller Pin Assembly and the GMS001 will replace the door spring. Many of our customers will repair the roller pin at the same time to doing the hinge pins to save time on the labor.

Total Automotive Kits are Made in the USA.

4th Generation
1993-2002 Chevrolet Camaro (Z28, LT1, T-Top, Convertible, 35th Anniversary)
1993-2002 Pontiac Firebird (Trans Am, GT, Firehawk, 25th Anniversary, Trans Am GT, Formula, 30th Anniversary, LT4 Firehawk, Anniversary Edition)

GMHK16 Door Hinge Repair Kit

GMRP05 Hinge Roller Pin Assembly

GMS001 Door Spring

Contact a Total Automotive Representative if you have any questions or need a door hinge repair kit for your 3rd Gen 1993-2002 Chevy Camaro/Pontiac Firebird (Trans Am)

Recommended Tools: TAI-009 (Pin Removal Tool), TAI-BP1 (Bushings Press Adapter), & 21910 (Door Spring Compression Tool)

Worn Out Chevrolet Camaro Roller Pin


Here is an image of a 4th Gen- Chevy Camaro Hinge Roller Pin. As you can see the roller has worn out. Notice how the center of the roller in gone. Plus the roller isn’t aligned and almost coming off the hinge. Since the roller is worn out you may hear clicking or popping when the is opened or closed. Total Automotive offers a new Roller Pin Assembly (GMRP05) to fix your problem.

If you have any questions or need a hinge roller pin assembly for your Chevy Camaro contact a Total Automotive Representative.

Tool Required for Repair: Door Spring Compression Tool (Part #:21910)

Worn Out Pontiac Firebird Roller Pin


Here is a 4th Gen- Pontiac Firebird Hinge Roller Pin. The hinge roller pin on this Firebird is worn out to the point were the arm has worn a groove into it. This hinge roller will have to be replaced. Total Automotive offers a Hinge Roller Pin Assembly (GMRP05) to fix your roller pin. Contact a representative if you have any questions or need a repair kit.

Tool Required for Repair: Door Spring Compression Tool (Part #:21910)